Golf Screening

The purpose of a golf or athletic movement screen is to highlight any physical limitations you may have that potentially affect your golf swing and/or sporting performance. It involves a series of physical tests that assess joint mobility, stability, strength and power. A physical screen will help you focus your attention on the areas that need the most work within your physical training programme.

Once screened, a customised exercise programme will be provided that will improve your physical capabilities. Further screens can monitor your progress and you can compare and contrast your improving scores as you train through the season and off-season.

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Who is a golf screen for?

A golf screen is for anyone of any age who wants to move better, reduce the risk of injury, create a more consistent swing pattern, or increase their club head speed (who doesn’t want that?). Whether you are just starting out, part of a junior academy, playing frequent competitive golf, looking to join the Pros on tour or simply hoping to play long into retirement, a physical screen can help you achieve your goals, give you the edge and perform Better.

Who is an athletic screen for?

Like the golf screen, an athletic screen is for anyone wanting to reduce the risk of injury and improve sporting performance. If you want to move more efficiently, with greater freedom and improve strength and power then this is for you.