Strength & Conditioning

Our S&C sessions are delivered by our coach Karrina Howe. Karrina has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years and is an Olympic weight lifting coach and training to become a Sports Therapist. Karrina works closely with our Physio’s and Sports Therapists to continue our client’s care, offering higher level rehab to help strengthen areas of weakness that have contributed to the initial injury.

S&C sessions are suitable for:

  1. Anyone recovering from injury who wants to take their rehab to a higher level. Each S&C programme is individually tailored to help improve on movement restrictions and weaknesses you have that increase your risk of recurrent or further injury.
  2. Someone who has previously struggled with an injury and their previous rehab has not got them back to where they want to be. We’ll identify where you can improve and push you on to greater things.
  3. Someone who wants to get fit or improve their fitness level to reduce the risk of injury.
  4. Anyone who wants to train to become physically better. Our S&C sessions are designed to get you moving better and becoming stronger, improving your physicality and subsequently getting you to look your best too.
  5. Someone who wants to be constantly supported in their fitness journey. Our team of coaches and therapists work along side each other to deliver the best possible service and training programmes to you. Whatever stage of injury or fitness you are at, we can work with you to build a more robust and athletic body and work towards your own fitness goals.
  6. Someone who is performance driven. We provide our clients with observational feedback and data driven results to monitor their progress over time.


You can train with us as a one off session or preferably train with us on a regular basis to get the results you are after.

An individual session fee is £55 (1 hour session).

If you would like to train with us more regularly, we have discounted prices for monthly direct debit

  • Train 2 x / month £100 (£50 per session)
  • Train 3 x / month £135 (£45 per session)
  • Train weekly £160 / month (£37 per session).

All direct debit payments should be paid on the 1 st of each month.

All rehab and exercise programmes will be provided to you by email so that you can continue your training at home or at your usual training space between your sessions with our coach at Fairway Physio. You will receive instructional pictures and videos of how to perform each exercise in your programme.