Pain on the outside of your hip

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lateral hip pain

Lateral hip pain syndrome, otherwise known as Trochanteric bursitis or Gluteus Medius tendonopathy are conditions that occur in both sexes but are more common in women. Pain is felt on the hard, bony point on the outside of the hip. It can occur with trauma, such as an impact to the site or gradually over a period of time with no apparent cause.

Pain is felt when walking, lying on the affected side, crossing the legs while sitting, moving up and down stairs or after prolonged periods of rest.

These conditions are usually related to weakness around the hip that results in higher levels of stress on the ligaments, tendons and fluid filled sacs known as bursa on the outside of the hip. The increased stress on these structures can lead to inflammation and pain.

Physiotherapy is important to help reduce pain on the outside of the hip, but also help improve hip movement and strength and prevent the problem from returning in the future.

Sufferers can help themselves by treating the irritated area with cold packs and using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen. Try not to sit cross legged or stand while propped on one leg. Also, putting a pillow between your knees when sleeping on your side may help get you a better nights sleep.