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Medial Knee Pain

Muscles around the hip help control movement of the knee and reduce stress on the knee ligaments. The Gluteal muscles pull the knee outward resisting inward movement of the knee, keeping the knee moving on its hinge rather than an off hinge movement. Ensuring these muscles stay strong can help reduce the risk of pain on the inside of the knee.

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Top Tips For Disc Related Low Back Pain

If the back of your disc in your low back is irritated / inflamed or bulging / prolapsed then sitting in a slump position will make the symptoms feel worse. This is because when sat in a slumped position, the bend forward of your spine actually compresses the front side of your disc increasing the pressure towards the back of the disc.

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Waking With Neck Pain

Much of the neck pain I see in clinic occurs when a patient wakes in the morning or it is waking them in the night. So, is this due to the position a person sleeps in, the pillow they use, or, the mattress they lie on? In this article we discuss these very issues and offer some advice on how to look after your neck while sleeping.

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Assessing Joint Injury

When treating a joint injury, we should never look at the joint in isolation. Each joint in the human body is part of a more complex system that links together and coordinates, allowing us to move as we do. Pain felt in a joint may be because the joint is injured in some way, but the cause of the injury may lie elsewhere.

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